SEVENTEEN And Pink Sweat$ Reveal Why They Collabed For “17” And How It Came To Be

“It’s almost like modern magic.” – Pink Sweat$

On September 17, American singer and songwriter Pink Sweat$ released a remix of his track “17”. Fitting the title, the featured artist was none other than SEVENTEEN. Joshua and DK lent their vocals to the sweet song.

Since Pink Sweat$ is an artist that K-Pop artists such as NCT 127 want to collaborate with, and could be in the works, the singer revealed why SEVENTEEN had been perfect for the remix.

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Like most meetings lately, the two artists came into contact with each other through social media. If you take a look at Pink Sweat $’s Twitter, he’s often sharing the covers that artist make of his songs, such as BTS‘s V and Dreamcatcher‘s JiU. When he saw DK’s cover of “Honesty”, he reached out to the group to discuss a possible collaboration.

Everything just fell into place from there. Pink Sweat$ recalled, “It’s a beautiful thing. It’s almost like modern magic.”

There was a specific reason why SEVENTEEN had been the perfect artist for the remix. With all the negativity happening in the world, Pink Sweat$ wanted to bring happiness and light through the track.

The group’s energy drew him in, “In America, our trends right now are more sad boy stuff. So, for me, I just overall gravitated to the energy and positivity. Happy.” When he heard DK and Joshua’s vocals, he knew they were perfect for the vibe.

I think it was beautiful. Their voices sound so perfect on the song. I was smiling the whole time when I first listened to it… When you’re making happy music, for me, in this climate it feels like you’re trying to transport people to another world because a lot of people aren’t so happy right now. It’s all so beautiful that we can bridge worlds together via this feeling.

— Pink Sweat$

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SEVENTEEN were just as excited for the opportunity to come together for the track. DK appreciated it as a fan, “Given that I’m a big fan of Pink Sweat $’s music, it’s such a great pleasure to be able to work on a track together.”

Joshua noted how respectful he was toward K-Pop artists and groups, noting how they connected over the beauty of music itself. “Pink Sweat$ is an ideal collaborator for us because of his love for music and the love and respect he has for K-Pop artist.”

SEVENTEEN’s signature upbeat style hasn’t only drawn in fans but other artists as well. The sweet voice of Pink Sweat$ along with DK and Joshua’s was meant to be, especially if it was titled “17”.

Source: Forbes


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