SEVENTEEN Reveal Why S.Coups Doesn’t Fit “Left & Right”, And It Makes Perfect Sense

He thought they were going to roast him, but it was actually a compliment.

After going with a darker concept for their last Korean comeback with “Fear”, SEVENTEEN switched gears completely for their mini-album Heng:garae. Through the bright and bouncy “Left & Right”, they’re aiming to inspire fans.

Since they chose Seungkwan as the member who fits the concept best because of his vibrant red hair and youthful vibe, they then chose who fits it least. While they laughed, S.Coups ironically said, “Ah, someone’s feelings will be hurt!”

Bursting his bubble, Dino put him on the spot, “I personally feel it is S.Coups hyung. Now, why do I think this…” Although it seemed like it would be something bad, it was far from anything negative.

The maknae pointed out how unbothered S.Coups generally was, “Hyung doesn’t really worry over things. He is someone who looks straight ahead.”

Because the song “Left & Right” is about choosing a direction, there was no way it could apply to S.Coups. “So instead of left and right, he is more of a straight kind of guy.” Once everyone heard Dino’s explanation, they couldn’t agree more.

Vernon even referred to the scenes in their music video where S.Coups went straight up into the sky rather than left or right. S.Coups couldn’t deny it, either. He confidently stated, “No U-Turn,” in English.

It isn’t about S.Coups not fitting their concept; it’s that it can’t be applied to him. See them break it down here.