A CARAT Spots SEVENTEEN’s S.COUPS Chilling At A Cafe And Shared Her Sweet Moment With Him

He was spotted on one of the trendiest streets in Korea.

A CARAT recently spotted SEVENTEEN‘s S.COUPS on one of the most popular streets in Seoul recently. On October 25, 2022, the fan uploaded her recollection of the sweet moment she had with the star. It was along Garosugil, outside the cafe Two Hundred.

She had been just walking along the street when she heard the loud sound of someone dropping a chair nearby. Annoyed by the sound, she turned to look at the source. That was when she saw someone that looked like her beloved leader.

| @gaegulgaegul_0/Twitter

She had been with her older cousin, and they were whispering about him. She was not sure if it really was him, but she kept telling her cousin that the man looked like S.COUPS. Although they were about 50m from him, the fan thought that he might have heard them talking about him, as he kept looking up and meeting eyes with them.

As S.COuPS was with a non-celebrity friend, the fan did not wish to approach them at the cafe. But when S.COUPS got up and walked into an alley, she quickly followed and tapped him on the shoulder. After confirming that it was S.COUPS, the fan declared that she was a CARAT and asked for his autograph.

| @gaegulgaegul_0/Twitter

According to the fan, he smiled brightly at her and smelled thickly of Creed perfume. She explained to him that she had a job interview that week, and now that she saw him, she got a good feeling about the interview. While they parted, both fan and singer wished each other good luck as he shook her hand.

The fan ended off by squealing about how adorable he was, and that his hands were as warm as hotpacks. Hopefully all of us will get to be as lucky as her!


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