The Dance Move So Hard That SEVENTEEN “Threw Up” And “Cried” While Learning It

They make it look easy, but it’s not.

Sometimes choreography can be so intense that even amazing dancers like BLACKPINK‘s Lisa can reach their limit by nearly throwing up. SEVENTEEN was in the same boat during their intense dance practice that made them throw up and even cry.

Joshua | @pledis_17/Twitter

Joshua gave a peek into the intense skills they had to learn as trainees. He said, “The physical training was hard, and we all learned Korean dance too.” It was during lessons that they encountered a dance move that was tough to learn.

Joshua continued, “We practiced that turn every day. I bet someone threw up practicing that.” They immediately proved him right by confirming that someone did indeed throw up. It didn’t stop there, though.

DK remembered that Jeonghancried practicing turns.” Jeonghan clarified that it had been during choreography practice when trying to do their “old turn.

Jeonghan became so frustrated by not being able to do the turn that he excused himself to the bathroom, where he could cry alone.

I was trying to do the traditional turn, and I just couldn’t. I couldn’t keep my balance.

So I went to the bathroom by myself, and was like, ‘Please, excuse me,’ to the choreographer.

— Jeonghan

Their literal tears and hard work paid off because Jeonghan mastered how to do the turn, receiving praise from Seungkwan for nailing it in “Darl+ing.”

Because SEVENTEEN is known for their complicated choreography that even intimidates professional dancers, they proved that it’s truly not an easy task.

Relive SEVENTEEN’s “Darl+ing” dance performance below:


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