The Reason Vernon Didn’t Let SEVENTEEN Hear “Black Eye” Before It Was Released

He had a plan for them.

Trying out a new style, SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon surprised fans by releasing the punk rock track “Black Eye”. Carats weren’t the only ones who’d been pleasantly shocked, though.

When discussing how the members reacted to the song, Vernon confirmed they were surprised—but even more so because they hadn’t heard it beforehand.

Although members like DKS.Coups, Dino, and Wonwoo wanted to hear “Black Eye”, Vernon “didn’t let them.” The idol had a particular reason for keeping it under wraps.

Rather than hearing the song throughout various stages until it was released, Vernon wanted them to hear the finished product. He explained, “I just wanted them to listen to it for the first time once it gets released, so I tried to hide it.

Though Vernon let a few of them hear the song beforehand, his reason for hiding it from most of them was worthwhile. They were indeed surprised when listening to it for the first time.


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