SEVENTEEN’s Vernon Once Claimed To Be Better At Soccer Than National Player Lee Kang In

To be fair, they were kids.

The Korean soccer team has fast shot up in global popularity over the World Cup season. Many are becoming fans of the players, both for their skills and their visuals. Soccer fans love Lee Kang In, who has also risen in recognition. He’s the player many see as the hot favorite of the next generation, receiving love from legend Son Heung Min himself.

Lee Kang In | @leekanginofficial/Instagram

But did you know that he has a special connection to SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon? Vernon used to star on many educational kids’ shows when he was younger. In an episode of Kkureogi’s Exploration Life, Vernon showed off his soccer skills. Coincidentally, Lee Kang In was also on the same field.

Lee Kang In was born in 2001, making him three years younger than Vernon. Back then, Vernon claimed he was better at soccer than Lee Kang In because he was the hyung. As the clip went viral, Vernon explained in an interview that the particular line was scripted.

That’s right. It’s a little embarrassing, but I told player Lee Kang In that he was worse at soccer than me. It was a scene where I was supposed to provoke him, and it made its rounds on the internet again. Actually, that was scripted. I still remember filming that scene. On the inside, I was like, “oh, I’m so bad at soccer though. Can I say this?” Even then, Lee Kang In was really good at soccer. But I still think it’s a fun episode. Rather than me feeling like I can’t do anything since it’s already aired, I think it’s a good memory.

— Vernon

Catch the hilarious clip below.


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