SEVENTEEN Wonwoo’s Visuals Have Carats Hearts Racing And We’re Not Okay


Back in May, W Korea released stunning pictorials featuring SEVENTEEN‘s Wonwoo and Mingyu! At the time of its release,  Carats. of course, couldn’t stop talking about the two’s gorgeous visuals. While it’s been a while since W Korea blessed fans’ hearts, Carats are obsessing over the photos once again as SEVENTEEN uploaded some behind-the-scenes footage from their pictorial shooting.

The behind the scenes footage has caused #Wonwoo to trend on Twitter! Fans are specifically tweeting about the footage of Wonwoo sitting back against a motorcycle. Carats can’t get over Wonwoo’s half-unzipped jacket as it shows his impressive physique!

Since his debut, Wonwoo has been known for his intense visual and slim physique. While Carats love his slender frame, many have also praised Wonwoo for his healthy bulk-up. Cleary, Wonwoo’s workouts are paying off as Carats can’t stop complimenting his impressive build.

Check out the video below:

Source: W Korea