SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo Kicked Off Their “MAMA” Stage With The Scariest Twist

Look up “Fear” in the dictionary, and you’ll see Wonwoo.

To tease fans about their MAMA performance, SEVENTEEN‘s Wonwoo offered himself up as a spoiler. At first, no one knew what that had meant, including the SEVENTEEN members themselves.


During the intro for their “Fear” stage, everyone found out exactly why. Wonwoo did something that no one saw coming and still has Carats reeling.

The performance began with many hooded people walking down a set of stairs, parting before a hooded person at the bottom. Once everyone had stepped down, the person at the bottom made their way to the top and took off their hood.

It had been Wonwoo. When “Fear” began to play, he delivered his opening lines as he smoothly pulled out a flower. He then did what no one had seen coming.

Instead of tossing the flower away, he held it to his mouth and bit right into it with the deadliest look on his face. From the pale eye color to his charismatic gaze, it was extremely powerful. Carats couldn’t decide between being scared or awed by his stage presence.

Compared to the smooth hand movements he would usually do at the beginning of their “Fear” stages, it’s certainly more eye-catching.


Watch Wonwoo attack everyone with his deadly twist on the opening part of “Fear” and take a look at the original. What did you think of Wonwoo’s brief yet impactful performance?