The Most Embarrassing Part Of Promoting Solo Vs. In A Group, According To SEVENTEEN’s Woozi

He didn’t expect it to feel so different by himself.

SEVENTEEN celebrated their seventh anniversary as a group through the special segment Chapter7:teen where they looked back on their time together. During their discussion of new discoveries, Woozi mentioned how different it was to promote alone compared to a full group.

Woozi during “Ruby” promotions.

Woozi revealed that the funny incident happened when he “went to ‘M Countdown’ alone to perform ‘Ruby’.

As usual, he wore a “fancy outfit” and hyped himself up to perform his solo track. Woozi said, “I was going to the stage acting like I’m cool.” That’s when he realized something that changed everything.

The members laughed as Woozi shared how embarrassing it was to be the only senior artist there.

And all the waiting rooms were used by new singers. I had to go in the middle of the corridor all dressed up and acting cool, and I felt so embarrassed.

— Woozi

Although Woozi couldn’t explain “why that was embarrassing” for him, Seungkwan took the words right out of his mouth. Seungkwan explained, “Like you’re the only adult among teenagers!

Even though Woozi knew none of the other idols had been focusing on him so closely, that didn’t stop him from feeling embarrassed to the point of racing to the stage to avoid any awkward introductions.

I know that no one was thinking that, but I was like, ‘Hurry, Woozi! Please don’t say hello to me.’

— Woozi

Seungkwan and Jeonghan both confirmed that Woozi wouldn’t have felt so embarrassed if all thirteen members had been there together.

Since SEVENTEEN has spent so much time together over the years, it makes sense that Woozi would feel a bit less confident without them by his side for solo promotions.