SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Isn’t The Only Magician In The Group When It Comes To Disappearing During Choreo

Someone new is coming for his title.

SEVENTEEN‘s dance skills are so impressive that all thirteen of them can manage to move as one. Jeonghan even has the ability to appear as if he’s disappeared, like a magician.

It seems like he isn’t the only one who has this skill. In a clip of one of their “Good To Me” performances, Hoshi begins to sing his part.

After he’s finished, he moves slightly and S.Coups suddenly appears where Hoshi had once been. It happens so fast that it’s almost like magic.

SEVENTEEN are truly gifted in a variety of areas, especially with the talents of so many members. And, it’s all due to their teamwork and the practice they’ve put in to move so flawlessly.