SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan And Mingyu Struggling To Do Their Own Fanchant Is An Entire Mood

There’s so many members even they can’t keep up.

After dropping their music video for “HIT”, SEVENTEEN prepared a guide video for their fanchant. Armed with Carat bongs and high energy, they brought it to life.

They did so well that fans could relate to the point in the fanchant where they became exhausted after saying every member’s name, or at least tried to.

It started off fine until Mingyu became slightly confused by all the names and looked like he was thinking hard about which ones came next. He wasn’t alone either.

It had eventually become too much for Jeonghan and Mingyu, so they lowered their heads when it seemed to go on for far too long. But, they did try to do their best until the end.

When it was done, Jeonghan was so winded that he let out a throaty cough and Mingyu worked up such a sweat that he had to take off his jacket.

Having thirteen members in a group is enough that SEVENTEEN can’t even remember their own fanchant. Watch them hilariously fail but push onward here.