SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan & Dino Are Honorary MONSTA X Members After This Broadcast

They could perform MONSTA X’s song with their eyes closed.

During a live broadcast, SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan and Dino listened to old songs that held memories for them. One of those songs was their “brothers” MONSTA X‘s debut “Trespass”.

During their long promotions for “Adore U”, they’d promoted at the same time as MONSTA X and had memorized the entire choreography for “Trespass”.

They showed the dance moves on broadcast along with all of the signature expressions at exactly the right times.

Dino began to discuss the different vibes between “Adore U” and “Trespass” when Seungkwan immediately rapped Joohoney‘s verse because he simply couldn’t help it.

After all these years, Dino and Seungkwan still remember the lyrics and choreography so well that they could be MONSTA X members themselves. Watch Dino and Seungkwan jam out to their brothers’ song starting at 35:26.