SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo Asking To Sit At “Obama President’s Table” Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today

He might be just a bit of an Obama fan.

SEVENTEEN‘s Wonwoo, S.Coups, and Jeonghan traveled to Indonesia through Battle Trip, revealing all sorts of skills in the process.

For their last stop, Jeonghan picked a particular restaurant. He’d chosen it because it became famous by former president Barack Obama, who really enjoyed the food there.

So, Wonwoo knew exactly what to do when they entered. As soon as they reached the host, he asked, “Where is Obama president’s table?” The host immediately knew what Wonwoo meant and led them to the table where Obama had sat.

Jeonghan praised Wonwoo’s language skills for getting them to accomplish their goal of sitting at the same table as the former president. And, Wonwoo showed his happiness at the praise with a cute pose.

Wonwoo’s skills didn’t end there. They were having trouble deciding what to order, but Wonwoo knew what he wanted. When the host came to check if they were ready, he asked what Obama ordered and chose to order the same exact thing.

Wonwoo’s English helped them enjoy everything that Obama did. Check out the fun moment here.