SEVENTEEN’s Woozi Had To Do The Walk Of Shame After Forgetting His Position

S.Coups laughed at his mistake.

During a concert festival, SEVENTEEN performed a medley of “Home”, “Good To Me”, “Clap”, and “Very Nice”.

That’s quite a few songs and someone had an issue remembering the order in which they were performing them. That someone was none other than producer mastermind Woozi.

After wrapping up “Good To Me”, all of the members were getting into position for “Clap”, including Woozi.

But, Hoshi noticed Woozi standing beside him and pointed to where he was actually supposed to be standing.

Woozi immediately followed Hoshi’s guidance. And, there was someone who thought the mistake was hilarious: leader S.Coups.

Woozi may be the mastermind behind SEVENTEEN’s hits, but Hoshi is the group’s choreographer. And, he has no problem keeping the members on their toes. Watch the funny interaction between all three members here.