SF9 Chanhee’s Nickname Is “Sloth” And Fans Are Sharing Evidence Of Why That Is

“Chanhee will live a long life, that’s for sure.” – Fan

SF9‘s Chanhee is currently a hot topic of conversation online for the reason behind why fans are calling him a sloth.

In the posts, fans are sharing various videos that show Chanhee moving in a way that almost looks slo-mo.

One example is a video of Chanhee chatting with fans in a live broadcast.

Chanhee very slowly took 45 seconds to open the bread wrapper, but Rowoon took it in 0.1 seconds. The impatient boy and the slow boy. Best of friends.

– Twitter User

But that’s not all. Another video shared by fans shows Chanhee drinking water in a very slow manner.

A video showing him drinking water for 1 whole minute… They say you live longer if you live slower. Chanhee will live a long life, that’s for sure.

– Twitter User

And here’s a video of Chanhee putting on headphones.

So slow…

– Chanhee

Fans can’t believe how slowly Chanhee can move and are expressing their awe through comments such as “I became so impatient while watching the video“, “I tried my best to finish the video but couldn’t“, and “Can Chanhee be any more adorable?

If the saying is true, Chanhee will live a long life indeed.

Source: Insight