SF9 Inseong’s Dear. U Bubble Messages Are Out Of This World – He Pretends To Be An Ex-Boyfriend, A Stone And More

The $4 is worth it.

SF9‘s Inseong has been having a blast with fans through Dear. U Bubble, a paid messaging app. He has been entertaining fans with a variety of personas.

SF9’s Inseong | FNC Entertainment

For instance, there was “Insung’s Simulation Game season.1“, where he pretended to be a role-playing simulation bot.

| Dear U. Bubble via pann
  • “Yesterday, you came home early after ending your day… you were eating lunch and a text came from Inseong. You’ve only met him a few times with friends before.”
  • “Inseong: Happy New Year!! What are you up to lately? Have you been well?”
  • “At this point, your reply is …? 1. Yeah!! I’m doing well! You? 2. Hmm well… I missed you Inseong! 3. It’s none of your business? 4. Does not reply.”

He also once pretended to be a carbonated drink, complete with a changed profile picture.

| Dear U. Bubble via pann
  • “Gulp gulp”
  • “Gulp gulp”
  • “Swallow”
  • “Sprrrrrrpang!”

Even a tomato…

| Dear U. Bubble via pann

…to which he asked fans to release the spell on him.

  • “You have to send, release the spell, or I don’t know what I’ll change into next!”
  • “Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!”
  • “No!!!!!!!”
  • “Ahhhhhh!!!!!”

When he was a stone, he only had one thing to say.

| Dear U. Bubble via pann

He even pretended to be a drunk ex-boyfriend, complete with “message deleted” and drunk typos.

| Dear U. Bubble via pann
  • “Anyway, I just contacted you because I thought of you. Don’t misunderstand.”
  • “Don’t block me either.”
  • “Sorry to bother you late at night. Goodnight.”
  • “deleted message.”
  • “deleted message.”

So far, he’s pretended to be a 24 hour delivery service, a simulation game, carbonated water, a phone charger, a concept thief, unknown number, his members Chani and Taeyang, a stone, a tomato, a horoscope bot and more!

| Dear U. Bubble via pann

Doesn’t he make you feel like the $4 subscription is totally worth it?

Source: pann