SF9’s Inseong Humorously Shares The Time He F*cked Up On A Group Project In College

“It was the worst moment.”

SF9‘s Inseong is one of the rare idols that has already graduated from college. He studied Media Communications at Kyunghee University, a prestigious school. During a recent live stream, he shared how he f*cked up a team project during his college days.

He was in charge of presenting their project that day, but he had mixed it up with a different thing and read up on the wrong slides. In South Korea, it is common for group projects to be split up into parts, with someone doing research, someone making the slides and someone presenting.

He had gotten confused as there were similarities across classes for Media and Communications.

Unfortunately, the particular lecture was a large scale one which meant many people were present during his presentation, including seniors from the upperclasses.

He was panicked enough but he had to deliver the news to his group mates. In that moment, his life flashed before him as he realized he could be that one person that ruins the grade for everyone in the team.

He tried to focus his thoughts and remember everything he had learned prior. He knew he had to fake it until he made it.

Although he finished the presentation safely, Inseong declared that his grades for that class were not stellar. He claims it the worst moment in his life.

Thankfully, Inseong managed to graduate without issues!

We’re sure many readers can relate to this story!

Source: pann