SF9’s Rowoon Reveals The Way He’d Want Someone To Break Up With Him

Breakups are hard, but he’d take it easier if done a certain way.

As the stars of the drama She Would Never Know, SF9‘s Rowoon and Won Jin Ah sat down to reveal what type of romance they preferred offscreen.

In the process, Rowoon ended up revealing the softer way he’d prefer someone to break up with him.

Won Jin Ah and Rowoon.

When it came to breakups, Elle Korea gave them two options to choose from: ghosting or being left for someone else.

| 엘르 코리아_ELLE KOREA/YouTube

Rowoon and Won Jin Ah turned out to be complete opposites in their choices.

As someone who wanted to learn from their mistakes, Won Jin Ah didn’t want to be left on read.

Two-timing breakup. I need to know the reason at least. But if you ghost…it’s like you’re ignoring me. I can’t take that.

— Won Jin Ah

Rowoon viewed it a bit differently. He thought disappearing was the gentler of the two options. Rowoon said, “Ghosting breakup is better. That’s just being good and evil at the same time.

When Won Jin Ah asked how ghosting could be used for good, Rowoon stepped into the shoes of the person doing the ghosting. He explained, “You want to be good to this person. You don’t want to hurt the other person, but you don’t like the person.

Viewing it that way, Rowoon would be able to move on quicker if someone were to ghost him. He’d take the hint and realize why it was no longer meant to be–even if it wouldn’t stop the pain.

In the end, there’s no pain-free way to break up with someone. Check out Rowoon and Won Jin Ah’s different perspectives on two of the tougher breakups.