SF9’s Taeyang Had The Most Savage Response To A Fan’s Boyfriend

Poor boyfriend.

SF9‘s Taeyang had the most savage response to a fan’s boyfriend. He had been on a live stream when someone had commented, “my girlfriend loves you.

What’s this, my girlfriend loves you? Are you her boyfriend?

— Taeyang

He quickly apologized with a simple “I’m sorry“, as if he knew his own power!

What was even more hilarious was his next line. He eked out a monotonous “fighting” to the said boyfriend! Fans were highly amused at his calm and collected tone as well as the slight pause before he cheered on the boyfriend. Check the video out for yourself below!


pls the silence😭😭 #yootaeyang #sf9 #kpop #fyp

♬ the psycho intro gone wrong ㅠㅠ – Arielle

Well, we’re glad he knows just how much effect he has on his fans! Poor boyfriend.