Shin Se Kyung’s Unboxing Video Totally Won YouTube, Thanks To Her Stunning Visual

She’s extraordinary.

Around October of 2018, actress Shin Se Kyung blew up the internet by setting up her YouTube channel and becoming one of the most breathtakingly beautiful YouTubers on the platform.


And in her latest vlog upload on the channel, Shin Se Kyung celebrated her YouTuber accomplishment by documenting her silver button unboxing!


While doing so, Shin Se Kyung left viewers speechless…


… because even in her most lounge-y outfit and the most average lighting of her room…


… she was seriously gorgeous AF! Viewers are especially shocked by her appearance captured in this video…


… and are bamboozled by how the studio cameras at broadcasting stations actually don’t do her any justice!


Watch her most visually shocking vlog here:

Source: THEQOO