Shindong Talks About Fangirls Throwing Their Bras At Him

The fans got super excited and started throwing their underwear on stage.

Shindong revealed the time he experienced a huge culture shock while on tour with Super Junior.

While the group was performing in South America, Shindong noticed one fan reach into her shirt, unhook her bra, and throw it on the stage.

He mentioned he was extremely embarrassed at first, seeing this event happen in person.

“At first, I was really embarrassed seeing this, that it’s part of the culture of this country. But their culture is to throw their underwear when a performance is so exciting and fun.”

— Shindong

CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa revealed he also had the same experience, but to an even greater degree.

While he was playing the guitar, a fan’s bra landed on his guitar.

As he was performing, he used exaggerated motions to try and get the bra off his guitar.

“I also have received underwear from the audience before but I was really surprised because it was hanging off my guitar. I pretended to play the guitar really passionately to have it fall off.”

— Jung Yonghwa

Watch the whole segment below.