SHINee’s Key Exposes The Unexpected Topic Fans Ask Him About At Fansigns

Even the film crew was amused by Key’s candid response πŸ˜‚

SHINee‘s Key recently participated in a fun interview where he went online, searched his name, and reacted to netizens’ posts about himself.

SHINee’s Key | 1theK Originals – 원더케이 μ˜€λ¦¬μ§€λ„/YouTube

The SHINee member is known for his hilariously candid personality, and he didn’t hold back as he reacted to search results such as his official profiles and posts about himself on popular Korean online community boards such as TheQoo and Instiz.

While searching through community boards and search engines, Key came across a post from a Shawol who made an observation about SHINee’s fansign events.

SHINee’s Key at a fansign event in 2015.

The Shawol reported that it seemed like many fans asked Key about double eyelid surgery, a popular cosmetic procedure that “creates an eyelid crease resulting in a larger and more symmetric, almond-shaped eye.

Key quickly confirmed the Shawol’s story. He hilariously added that many would ask him about the procedure during the winter season and would later return to him in the summer “looking different,” evoking amused reactions from the film crew.

He casually added that it “happened to many people” before moving on to the next topic.

During the fun interview, Key also opened up about being rejected by SM Entertainment three times before passing an audition.

He went into more depth about that experience in a separate interview. Check out more on that story and what happened to the casting director who rejected him in the article below!

Male Idol Confesses SM Entertainment’s Casting Team Rejected Him 3 Times

Source: Stanford Medicine and YouTube


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