SHINee’s Key Shares Top Tier Tips On How To Take Photos For The ‘Gram

Try out his tips!

SHINee‘s Key has always been known as a great fashionista and Instagrammer. He’s even been asked to teach his fellow members how to take photos before. Once, when Onew posted an unsatisfactory selfie, Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon stepped up and referred him to Key.

During an episode of TaengKey Box, Key shared the best way to take photographs. Firstly, you have to think of your screen as divided into 4. Your head cannot be right at the top of the screen, otherwise…

…it will end up like this. Due to how phone lens are made, if your head is too close to the top, it will be elongated. Your legs will also look short.

The ideal is when your head is near the center of the viewfinder.

The important thing is to keep a large amount of space between your head and the top of the screen, and a little distance between your feet and the bottom.

It cannot be exactly fitted to the bottom of the screen, but there needs to be a slight distance. This is how you can take photographs with the best proportions.

Taeyeon is known to be on the shorter side, hence her nickname “fairy“. But with Key’s skills, even she looks as tall as Yuri or YoonA! Try out the tips for yourself.