SHINee’s Key And Minho Once Wanted Alone Time But Ended Up Spending The Day Together Anyway

They’re inseparable!

The SHINee members are inseparable, even when they’re supposed to be spending time apart!

SHINee | @Nithya40282086/Twitter

The group once participated in a variety show called One Fine Day. The premise of the show was that the members each got to choose their own vacation destination, so they could relax on their own terms.

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 Onew decided to go to Thailand, Jonghyun decided to go to Japan, Taemin decided to go to Switzerland, and both Key and Minho decided to go to England.

When the members were told about the trip, Key was particularly excited about the opportunity to spend some time alone. He jokingly warned the members not to choose the same destination as him by saying, “If it overlaps, I’ll kill you.”

The members didn’t tell each other where they decided to go for their trips, so Key was surprised to find out that Minho chose the same destination as him. He even suggested that the two take separate planes!

Key was determined to find some alone time on the trip. After they landed in London, Key told the camera crew that he and Minho had to go their separate ways to experience London on their own.

Although Key insisted that he and Minho had to separate, he followed Minho onto the train and sat next to him. He explained his desire to stay with Minho by saying they were both headed in the same direction.  He said, “I’ll just follow you. I have to follow you anyway.” 

Appaarently, the train ride made Key want to spend even more time with Minho! He suggested that they go out for coffee together and Minho playfully asked, “Why do you keep talking to me?”

Minho told Key he was going to the apartment he rented after they got coffee and asked Key where he was going to go. Key wasn’t ready to say goodbye to Minho so he said, “I’m also going there with you then.” 

Although they both eventually promised to go their separate ways after grabbing coffee, Key and Minho continued to hang out as they explored London together.

Minho even let Key visit his apartment even though he pretended Key wasn’t invited.

Although they did explore London on their own later during their trips, Key and Minho’s first day in London proved just how inseparable SHINee’s 91-liners are!