SHINee’s Key And Minho Were Spotted (Playfully) Bickering In Their Instagram Comments

They do know DMs exist, right?

SHINee‘s Minho and Key have a love-hate relationship and are frequently caught bickering. It’s gone to a whole new level now that they’re publicly doing it on social media. Apparently, the two don’t know DMs exist.

It first began with Minho posting the below picture with the caption “find atlantis” to promote their comeback.

Key responded inquisitively as he asked, “did you find? or you want me to find? or you meant ur looking for atlantis?” Minho retorted quickly, “I was looking for Atlantis, and I finally found it. okay?” Key then said, “there you go.”

It didn’t end there, however. When Minho posted another photo captioned “go forward atlantis,” Key had even more to say.

First, Key questioned the caption and commented, “go forward atlantis….? hmmm….” Minho responded, “we were supposed to go together. did u forget?…” From there, Key told Minho to stop using Google to translate because he doesn’t understand what he’s saying.

Minho countered by saying that he actually uses Naver‘s Papago but he wouldn’t mind Key being his English teacher instead. Key revealed that he would charge for his services. Somehow the argument escalated and resulted in their planning a lunch and dinner date.

Looks like Papago is going to have to foot the bill!

Source: Problematic Man, @SHINee, choiminho_1209 and @keydult923 ·