SHINee’s Key Attempts To Recruit Conan Gray For SM Entertainment While Showing Him The Wonder Of K-Pop

Can you imagine Conan Gray in Kwangya?

During American singer-songwriter Conan Gray‘s recent visit to Korea, he met up with SHINee‘s Key at the SM Entertainment company building for an exclusive look inside the daily life of a K-Pop idol.

Conan Gray (left) and SHINee’s Key (right) | @bumkeyk/Instagram

The usually cool and collected SHINee member couldn’t contain his starstruck excitement when Conan arrived to film the YouTube video Conan Gray In KWANGYA With Key.

Meeting for the first time, the two got to know each other before going on their tour of the building. They quickly built a hilarious and chaotic rapport, making them the perfect duo for the video.

Key began by asking Conan how old the American artist was; when Conan responded that he was 23, he asked Key his age. Key seemed to anticipate he would shock Conan with his age as he looked excitedly at the camera.

Key prompted Conan to guess, to which he hilariously responded that he might not want to know Key’s age. Conan then guessed that the K-Pop idol was 26 or 27, leaving Key to celebrate as he proudly declared his Korean age was actually 32.

Key then asked Conan if he had heard of SM Entertainment before they met that day. Conan confirmed he had and stated, “so many of the greats have been created here.

SM Entertainment was founded in 1995 by Lee Soo Man, who shaped the K-Pop idol training system as we know it, shaping part of what makes the industry so unique. To give Conan a better understanding of what makes K-Pop special, Key gave him a tour of the impressive company building.

SM Entertainment’s company building | Sports Khan

While showing Conan around, Key repeatedly attempted to persuade the artist to join Kwangya and the SM Family.

The company presented Conan with his personalized ID badge to access the building. Conan shared he didn’t feel like he earned the access card as he was handed the badge. Seeing an opportunity, the business-minded and straightforward Key interjected, “Please do sign a contract with our company.

As Key showed him the impressive “Artist House,” he sensed he was getting closer to signing the American artist who had just proclaimed he wanted to move into the luxurious studio. Key then looked to the staff members and pleaded with the company to sign Conan.

Later, on the 18th floor, Conan found a piano and began to play, singing his song “Memories.” Key turned into Conan’s biggest fan with a front-row view, taking out his phone to record the incredible moment.

| @bumkeyk/Instagram

While Key’s efforts may not have been successful, Conan shared how impressive and special he found the company to be and promised to come back to Korea “very, very” soon.

Anything is possible, maybe we’ll see a collaboration between Conan and an SM Entertainment artist soon!

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