SHINee’s Key Was Speechless After A Fan Told Him She Was Using His Name For Her Packages

She said it made her feel safe!

SHINee‘s Key was the next member after Onew to listen to voice messages sent in by fans, and one particular message left him speechless.

| SHINee/YouTube

One fan left a message for Key saying she had a confession to make, and it wasn’t your typical love confession. Rather, she confessed that she has been using his name for her packages because she didn’t want others to think she lived alone.

And since she’s been at home because of COVID-19, she’s been using his name even more often, to the point that other people address her as Key!

He took it in good humor and had a laugh about it, even playfully requesting that he take some of those packages since they are under his name.

You can listen to all the other sweet voice messages fans left for Key below!


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