SHINee’s Minho Admits To Feeling Shy About…His Armpit Hair?

Even Minho has something to feel shy over!

Earlier this year, netizens shared their mixed feelings about male K-Pop idols having armpit hair. SHINee’s Minho recently added his thoughts on the matter to the debate with a pretty surprising response!

SHINEE’s Minho | @SHINee/Twitter

Minho just released his first solo album, CHASE, completing the “plagiarizing” theme that all of SHINee’s solo releases have had. While promoting the album, he appeared on Yongjin Health Center, where they discussed various topics, including the infamous armpit hair debate.


Yongjin first began by asking Minho if he had heard of the debate and mentioned that Key had given his opinion during his own appearance on the show. After Yongjin exclaims, “Clean Armpit Dispute,” Minho admits that he “feels a little bit shy” about the whole thing.

Minho then shares that he didn’t care when he was younger, but as he aged, he believes that an “adequate amount” is important. He also seemed a little surprised that the majority of netizens seemed to favor the “clean” armpit side. Gabee hilariously asks if “a simple haircare would be okay?” in response to Minho’s opinion.

Yongjin and Minho commiserate on the fact that they used to not consider such things, with Minho admitting that he tries not to care but cannot help being more aware of it. He elaborates by saying that “When we’re on the stage and wear sleeveless shirts, it makes us care.

After Yongjin admits to enjoying the feeling of waxing his hair, Minho hilariously seems to have more questions and admits that he hasn’t tried it for himself.

Minho is a pretty confident guy, so it is crazy to see that this debate has made him self-conscious about something like this!

You can check out the full episode below!



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