SHINee’s “Ring Ding Dong” Used To Be Banned, Now It’s A Bridal Favorite For An Unexpected Reason

Who would have thought “Ring Ding Dong” could be used for this?

On an episode of Happy TogetherSHINee‘s Onew and Minho revealed some surprising new details about their smash hit “Ring Ding Dong”.


In 2017, “Ring Ding Dong” was voted as the number one “Worst Song for Exam Seasons”  because its addictive hook made it impossible for students to focus on studying.

This K-Pop Song Was Voted The #1 Song To Avoid During Exam Season


According to Onew and Minho, “Ring Ding Dong” was even banned in high schools, for a time.


When the song debuted, Minho was a student himself, but he had heard the song so many times during practices that it no longer affected his concentration.


His peers, on the other hand, weren’t so lucky!


Now, “Ring Ding Dong” is no longer banned from school, and it has even found a new demographic of fans…




Minho said that make-up artists who have worked with brides told him about “Ring Ding Dong’s” new role at weddings.


When brides bow to their parents during the ceremony, it is an emotional moment that can make brides tear up. Unfortunately, this is also a moment where many photos are taken.


To avoid crying, and ruining their photos, brides think of “Ring Ding Dong” to stop their tears from coming!


From disrupting students to helping brides, who knew one song could have so many different uses? To learn more, check out the clip below.