SHINee Taemin’s Fansite Master “Cheats” On Him During His Enlistment For Olympic Archer An San

Taemin’s going to be sulky.

It seems that everyone is going crazy for female Olympic archer, An San! The pride of the nation swept up the gold medals during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Even K-Pop fansites couldn’t resist her charm.

SHINee‘s Taemin has left to the army, leaving his fansites missing him. However, that did not stop this particular fansite from going back to her fangirl roots. She just had a different target instead. She went to photograph An San’s return back to Korea.

Fans were tickled with the turn of events, even commenting that Taemin would certainly get jealous if he knew. Taemin is known to joke around with fans, asking them to only like him! This would likely be his response.

The fansite master ended off her little moonlighting with the cutest note, claiming “I will now be going back to my jjak-kung (Taemin’s fan name) persona.

Let’s just hope Taemin wasn’t too sulky over this in the military!



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