Taemin Reveals What Kind Of Friend BTS’s Jimin Is To Him

His friendship with Jimin holds a special place in his heart.

In the ninth episode of VIXX‘s Ravi‘s RAVI’S CLOSE UP, he had a close friend of his make an appearance: SHINee‘s Taemin.

Since both of them are part of a well-known friendship group nicknamed “Padding Friends,” Ravi narrowed it down to a few for Taemin to share what each of them meant to him.

Naturally, Taemin spoke about what kind of friend BTS‘s Jimin was to him and how he viewed him as a person.

While Taemin had to be a bit more mindful towards some members of their friendship squad, for fear of making them sensitive, that wasn’t the case with Jimin. He could be more carefree, “About Jimin, actually, he is a great dongsaeng.

From Taemin’s twelve years of experience as an artist, he was impressed by how much Jimin stands on his own as an artist as well—despite having a two-year age difference. “He is younger than me but such an amazing artist.

From seeing quite a few of the “Padding Friends” members go from trainees to debuted idols, Taemin was proud to see Jimin receive all of the recognition he deserved. “He is so successful now.

As with all the members in their friendship squad, they all hold a special place in Taemin’s heart. Check out Taemin talking about a few of their other squad members, including Ravi, here.

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