Shopping Malls In Korea Are Exclusively Hiring Short Models—Here’s Why

For once, tall models don’t get the job.

The fashion industry is notorious for almost exclusively hiring tall women as models. In sharp contrast, many shopping malls in Korea are hiring models with below-average height.

The reason is simple—these shopping malls prefer the way petite women look in the clothes they sell.

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Song Hye Won and Ha Hye Ra, two young models who work in the same mall and describe themselves as being “short,” shared their personal experience in an interview with YouTube channel AYO.

Song Hye Won | @hye_won_star/Instagram
Ha Hye Ra | @hh.__.r/Instagram

Standing at 150cm, Song Hye Won revealed that she was told by the mall that they only hire petite women.

The shopping mall I work for said ‘We like short girls.’ It’s a shopping mall for small girls. They were like, ‘You have to be short!

— Song Hye Won

Ha Hye Ra was even playfully warned by the manager that she was growing too tall. Her height? 158cm, which already makes her a “giant” compared to the other models.

I got told that I’m too tall. ‘Hye Ra, you grew too much.’

— Ha Hye Ra

However, not all shopping malls are run the same way. Hye Ra explained that they each have their own image, so they look for models that suit them. Some malls exclusively hire petite women, while others have the opposite preference.

It depends on the shopping mall. Each shopping mall has a different atmosphere. There are many different shopping malls, and they look for models that suit their brand.

— Ha Hye Ra

To end their explanation, Hye Ra and Hye Won had only one more thing to say. “Short girls, fighting!” they cheered in unison.

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Source: YouTube

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