How Fans Got KitKat To Send MONSTA X’s Shownu A Care Package

Which is sweeter – the chocolate or Shownu?

On January 10, fans were in for a sweet surprise when a Monbebe posted a picture of MONSTA X‘s leader Shownu holding a KitKat bar on their Instagram story, jokingly tagging @kitkatkorea.

| @shownubang/Twitter

They had no idea they would end up actually getting the attention of the company, which then went on to tell the fan via message that if they received more followers, they might consider signing Shownu on as an endorser!

| @shownubang/Twitter

Naturally, Monbebes rushed to follow the company in hopes that Shownu would be able to collaborate with them — after all, it’s no secret that Shownu is fond of the chocolate bar!

It seems as though KitKat stayed true to their word; on February 5, Shownu posted four pictures on the group’s official Twitter with a cake and a huge pile of KitKats!

| @OfficialMonstaX/Twitter

Shownu’s sweet caption read, “Thanks to Monbebes, I received a really huge present from KitKat 🎉🎉 If it was up to me, I would share it with each and every one of you, but I hope that the photos conveyed the warmth.”

| @OfficialMonstaX/Twitter

Although these were posted on Twitter, some Monbebes speculate that this collaboration may also be the reason why Shownu opened his own Instagram account.

| @sharkster_ykh/Twitter

Whether or not this gift basket points towards a brand deal, one thing’s for sure: Monbebes definitely know how to make MONSTA X happy.