Simon D Is Making Everybody Swoon With How He Responds to Fans’ Tweets

He even comforted a fan who had a nightmare about him.

Following Simon D‘s heart-fluttering shut down of a fan who proposed to him again after 7 years, online communities are looking back at how he responded to other fans’ tweets in the past.

Not only did Simon D respond to his fans’ tweets, but he did it in such a senseful and romantic way that everybody’s swooning.

One fan referred to how Simon D puffs up his cheeks and said she had a hard time sleeping.

When you look at your performances, you’ve been puffing up your cheeks for a long time. I’m having a hard time sleeping.

– Fan


And in response, Simon D called her a cute kid, making the fan freak out.

What’s cuter is how you mention me in these tweets, kid.

– Simon D

No way.

You actually read these? Please read all of my other tweets!

– Fan


Another fan tagged Simon D as well and told him she dreamt of him and woke up crying.

I had a dream of Simon D and woke up crying.

– Fan

And Simon D replied to this tweet as well in the most heart-fluttering way.

Awwwwwww. I’m sorry I was mean to you in your dreams.

– Simon D

After noticing how Simon D’s been responding to fans’ messages, other fans are responding with comments such as “That’s Simon D for you”, “I wish he’d respond like that to me“, and “I wonder what the fan’s thinking after receiving a response like that“.

Source: Insight