The Simple Method MAMAMOO’s Solar Uses To Overcome Moments Of Hardship

She has learned a lot from overcoming difficult situations.

MAMAMOO‘s Solar has recently appeared as a guest on Jessi‘s Showterview, marking the second time she guests on the popular show. While the interview was full of fun moments and plenty of bickering between the two friends, there were also some serious moments where Solar discussed the difficulties she’s faced and how she tends to overcome them.

Solar is no stranger to struggles, particularly considering all the pressure she is constantly under from having to fit incredibly strict standards or simply to work almost non-stop. It’s no surprise that there are of moments when she feels down. During the interview, Jessi touched on this topic, asking her, “How do you overcome it when you feel down?

| Mobidic/YouTube 

Solar had the most straightforward answer: simplicity. She explained that she avoids overthinking her issues, trying her best to view them instead with a simple or clear mindset.

She says, “Instead, I focus more on the things ahead of me,” meaning that instead of overthinking whatever problem she has in that moment, Solar prefers to take a wider perspective and look ahead to the future.

Solar also related that contracting COVID-19 forced her to reevaluate her priorities in life and taught her to value health and personal happiness more than ever. After being painfully ill with COVID-19, she realized that making herself happy is very much necessary to her mental well-being…

…to which Jessi readily agreed, adding that “Staying happy gives you the energy to overcome hardships.”

While staying happy can be its own challenge, Solar’s approach of taking things one step at a time without fixating on the bad things can help!

If you would like to see the full clip you can watch it on the link below.