“Single’s Inferno” Editing Distorted The Real Relationship Between Two Cast Members

“It appeared that I was madly in love…”

On a show like Single’s Inferno, it isn’t surprising that producers will edit clips to portray a certain narrative that could be totally different from the truth.

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After Single’s Inferno 2 ended, cast member Lee Nadine sat down with ELLE Singapore and shared unheard stories from the series.

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One of the biggest “crimes” on the show was that Nadine didn’t seem to find a connection with anyone when the show started. Yet, after seemingly not falling for anyone, netizens believed this changed after the arrival of Kim Jin Young (also known as DEX).

Kim Jin Young | Netflix

When Jin Young entered the island, all eyes seemed to be on him, and he became a regular at “Paradise,” the off-island hotel. Along with Shin Seul Ki and many more, Lee Nadine was seemingly made out also to be smitten with him.

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It seems like Nadine was “madly in love,” but that portrayal was far from the truth. She revealed that her emotions weren’t actually that intense.

It appeared that I was madly in love with certain cast members, but in reality, I tend to be much more reserved and distant around people I’m interested in. I don’t frequently initiate relationships.

— Lee Nadine

Kim Jin Young, Lee Nadine, and Shin Dong Woo | Netflix

In particular, along with the dates that seemingly made them look closer than they were, one scene truly gained mixed reactions from netizens. In the final episode, when the contestants had to make their final choice, Jin Young had fans excited when he approached Nadine…

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…just to break netizens’ hearts by walking to Shin Seul Ki instead.

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After the scene, netizens called out Jin Young on his behavior, believing it was one of his many red flags during the show. In reality, Nadine’s reaction to Jin Young’s behavior was much different than the show led viewers to believe. Nadine told ELLE Singapore that her response to Jin Young wasn’t shown.

As soon as Jin Young came to stand next to me, I jokingly questioned him, ‘Why are you here? Why don’t you go up to Seul Ki?’ That was a comical moment, in my opinion, that was cut out but perfectly captured my feelings at the time.

— Lee Nadine

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That small but important moment could have changed the finale’s entire narrative. Nadine seemingly knew that Jin Young would pick Seul Ki, showing that their relationship wasn’t as strong as portrayed. Of course, it created dramatic television, which is always the aim of shows.

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