“Single’s Inferno” Star An Yea Won Is Hotter Than Ever And Living Her Best Life In 2023

She looks amazing 😍

While the paradise of Single’s Inferno‘s first season didn’t last long after the show, that hasn’t stopped the cast from moving on to bigger and better things. Fan-favorite An Yea Won is no exception, already living her life to the fullest in the new year.

An Yea Won | @yeah.w__/Instagram

An Yea Won continued modeling into the new year, expressing how much she enjoyed her job. Wearing an outfit that showed off her toned abs, she looked absolutely amazing doing it.

And while many people were dealing with the cold of winter, An Yea Won warmed everyone up with photos of herself having fun in the sun.

| @yeah.w__/Instagram

Even without wearing swimwear, An Yea Won showed off the beautiful figure of a fitness model with her long legs and tiny waist.

| @yeah.w__/Instagram

Of course, An Yea Won can’t have too much fun without some hard work. Even behind the scenes of her shoot, the model looks amazing.

| @yeah.w__/Instagram

Whether modeling or having fun, An Yea Won is having the time of her life and looking good doing it.

| @yeah.w__/Instagram

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