“Single’s Inferno 2” Kim Jin Young’s Viral Cooking Attempt Is Proof You Can “Never Judge At First Sight”

“My first glance of him at “Single’s Inferno” was so completely wrong…”

There’s no denying that Single’s Inferno 2 contestant Kim Jin Young was extremely popular, both among the female contestants on the show and the show’s viewers.

Single’s Inferno 2 contestant Kim Jin Young | Netflix

There were mixed reactions to his behavior on the show, which raised “red flags” for many viewers, and there was also controversy surrounding the meaning of his tattoo.

But overall, Jin Young regularly charmed viewers with his humor and handsome visuals that some believe resembled BTS‘s Jungkook.

| Netflix

While Jin Young might have usually appeared very polished and relaxed on the show, he still had some adorable moments, like when he accidentally ran into a mirror in Paradise.

| @re__rvj/TikTok 
| @re__rvj/TikTok 

Jin Young se roba el show jaja amo🫶🏼#singlesinferno2 #singlesinferno #jinyoung #loveyou #funny #lol #viralvideo

♬ Originalton – Lara <3

And long-time viewers of his YouTube channel are familiar with the goofier side that he’s shown off in many of his videos.

| @siaknics/TikTok

Replying to @imurskye_ tbf to those who dk who he really is… #kimjinyoung #singlesinferno2 #솔로지옥2

♬ Astronaut in The Ocean x Ci Ci Cimoy Cimoy – i<3women

And recently, one clip of Jin Young’s attempt at cooking has gone viral on TikTok, with over a million views of his… interesting… method of cooking.

| @vintyf/TikTok 
| @vintyf/TikTok

Jin young 🤣🤣#netflix #sauvequipecho2 #jinyoung #fyp

♬ son original – vintyf

Netizens joked that they now know not to judge on a “first impression.”

And many found this side of Jin Young even more endearing than what he showed in Single’s Inferno 2.

You can read more about what he’s up to here.

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