SM Entertainment Is Giving Fans The Chance To Go On A Date With Irene

This VR content will make you feel as if you’re on an actual date with Irene!

Newly released virtual reality (VR) content that uses real-life images called STAR DATE #IRENE will allow fans to “go on a date” with Red Velvet’s Irene through virtual reality.

Source: SM Entertainment


The content provides end-users with opportunities to experience various activities with Irene such as going on drives or enjoying cherry blossoms together.

Source: Google Play


It is available on Google’s VR platform Daydream and has been launched worldwide for users around the world to be able to meet the beautiful Irene.

Source: Google Play


The real-life images that are used in the media really make the user feel as if they are with Irene in person and the various twists to the program such as accumulating points, different story endings, and missions add to the entertainment aspect of the content.


The STAR DATE #IRENE is available through Daydream for the latest Android mobile phones including Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+, LG V30, Google Pixel and Pixel 2 so don’t miss out!

Source: Osen

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