SM Entertainment Staff Tells Renjun Not To Talk About WINWIN On V LIVE And NCTzens Are Outraged

NCTzens want answers.

During NCT DREAM‘s July 20 V LIVE broadcast Renjun, Jaemin, and Chenle were making ice cream rolls & when the subject of NCT/WayV‘s WINWIN came up, their staff shut it down immediately. She can be heard off-camera saying “don’t talk about WINWIN”.

Renjun and Chenle were visibly upset when the staff said this, although Renjun kept his composure & kept talking. When the broadcast was eventually reuploaded onto V LIVE, this entire interaction between Renjun and the staff member was edited out. As SM Entertainment just recently confirmed that WINWIN and the rest of the WayV members were part of NCT, NCTzens are rightfully baffled as to why the staff member would go as far as chastising Renjun for bringing WINWIN up.

NCT Officially Announced As Currently Having 21 Members, Including WayV

Before the introduction of the WayV members, Chenle, Renjun, and WINWIN shared a special bond as three of NCT’s four Chinese members; they have a strong brotherly bond with each other despite almost never promoting together.

This is the latest in a string of incidents towards the Chinese members that have led NCTzens and SM Entertainment group stans in general to believe that SM Enterainment mistreats their Chinese members. Whatever reason they have for forbidding the mention of WINWIN, Chenle, Renjun and NCTzens alike were clearly taken aback and disappointed.