The Line Up Of SM’s New China Based Group WayV Is Confusing NCT Fans…

NCTzens need answers!!

Back in December 2018, SM Entertainment announced the debut of new China-based Group, WayV.

WayV was introduced as a part of NCT unit and members Kun, Ten, WinWin, and Lucas was part of the seven-member group.

When the news broke out of a new NCT unit was in the works, NCTzens welcomed the birth of the new unit and shared excitement to see them joining the ever-growing NCT family.

However, fans began to think there might be more to the group than they originally thought.

First, the group didn’t share the name as the other NCT units. As units carried NCT on their names like NCT U, NCT 127, NCT 2018, and NCT Dream, fans wondered why WayV was getting a whole new name for themselves.  Fans speculated the name drop was due to the political tension between Korea and China but still felt cheated by the decision.  

Furthermore, fans pointed out the released statement read, “the members might work as NCT in the future”. This confused fans since the statement indicated the possibility of the members NOT working as NCT as well. This was a sensitive subject because SM also announced WinWin will not be joining NCT 127 on their Japan Concert tour as well as the first ever solo concert in Korea.

But the fans were most bothered by the fact that NCT twitter account has stopped mentioning Kun, Ten, WinWin, and Lucas on their tweets. Fans were already not thrilled to notice official WayV Twitter not following NCT nor SM Entertainment’s official account. To make matters worse, SM and NCT have failed to mention Kun’s birthday on the official account which angered a lot of fans.

NCTzens are hoping the division of the group will be temporary and WayV will join other NCT members in the near future. WayV’s First Digital EP Album <The Vision> will be released on Jan. 17 at 7PM CST.

Source: Tistory


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