This Handsome Trainee Once Almost Debuted With SHINee And EXO — Here’s What He Is Up To Now

He was loved for his visuals.

SM Entertainment takes in trucks full of trainees, but not every gets to debut. Given the saturated market and tough competition, it’s no surprise that a few gems slip through the cracks. Former trainee Han Gyuwan was popular amongst fans of the company for his visuals.

Han Gyuwan in his younger days. | Instiz

Fans compared his looks to Yoochun of TVXQ!.

Han Gyuwan in his younger days. | Instiz

With his milky skin, huge eyes, and definite “SM-type face,” it’s no wonder that he was rumored for debut, not once, but twice. Back when fans were piecing together trainees rumored to debut with SHINee, they named Han Gyuwan as a contender. The lineup inxluded all the current members of SHINee, as well as Han Gyuwan and Kim Moongyu. Moongyu was another famous trainee. He later moved on to debut under HOTSHOT.

Rumored debut lineup for SHINee. | Instiz

After he failed to debut with SHINee, fans got excited when SM Entertainment was rumored to be preparing a boy group for 2010. The rumored lineup included EXO’s Kai, Chanyeol and Suho, as well as Moongyu and Gyuwan. EXO later debuted without the two latter trainees.

Rumored lineup for EXO. | Instiz

Back then, fans were super sure that both Gyuwan and Moongyu would debut. They later speculated that it could be due to his age. He’s two years older than EXO’s oldest member, Xiumin. Although Gyuwan now keeps a low profile, fans managed to find a photo of him with Suho.

L: Suho, R: Gyuwan. | Instiz

In 2016, he also posted this photo with EXO, with the caption, “the dongsaengs I missed.” That was the last mention of EXO or any celebrity on his Instagram.

| @hanqwan/Instagram

In the same year, he got married.

| @hanqwan/Instagram

Even well-past his youth and without the glamor of being a celebrity, Han Gyuwan still looks as handsome as ever. Newer netizens even compared him to f(x)‘s Sulli and Wanna One‘s Lai Kuanlin, in terms of visuals.

Han Gyuwan. | Instiz

Although he did not get to debut, we’re sure he’s living his days to the fullest in a different path!

Source: Instiz