SNSD Yuri Wasn’t Supposed To Wear Her Iconic Sunglasses In “I Got A Boy”, Here’s What Happened

She wasn’t supposed to wear them.

Yuri‘s fashion is always on point, but newer Girls’ Generation‘s fans might not know the truth about her iconic “I Got A Boy” aviators.


This classic, sexy accessory was practically made for Yuri. It gave her a rebel-chic look and helped her stand out from her members…


…but those sunglasses weren’t supposed to be part of the wardrobe.


At the group’s 2013 V Concert, Yuri revealed that she had gotten an eye infection shortly before shooting for the “I Got A Boy” music video. Since she couldn’t wear make-up, the stylist put her in sunglasses instead.


The sunglasses may have been unintentional, but they are such a memorable part of the music video that it’s hard to imagine “I Got A Boy” without them. In fact, some fans first noticed Yuri because of the aviators!


Yuri still looks as sexy in sunglasses now as she did back in 2012. She can be often be seen wearing them out in public…


…in a variety of styles.


She’s even worn them underwater!


To see more of Yuri’s legendary aviators, check out the “I Got A Boy” MV here…


…and, maybe while you’re at it, watch Girls’ Generation’s latest MV too!

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