Somi’s Back-Up Dancer Fires Back After Receiving Heavy Criticism About Somi’s Stages

“Why don’t you turn your account public, then come say it to my face?”

Since Somi‘s debut, and especially since some YouTube videos of her and her team of dancers performing on music shows and relay dances have been uploaded, Somi’s back-up dancers began receiving criticism for “stealing the thunder” from Somi.

Somi’s performances had actually begun receiving criticism for Somi and her dancers’ outfits being too similar, making it hard for the viewers to differentiate between the main artist and the dancing team.

Once these comments went live and viral, more of Somi’s fans began pointing out that the outfits weren’t the only problem – but that the dancers were constantly going over-the-line with taking the attention away from Somi by lip syncing and winking at the cameras.

As the heated debate continued among Somi’s fans, some of them flooded over to one of the back-up dancers’ Instagram account and left hate comments for ruining the stage for Somi.

The comment – that has since been deleted – originally read, “Looks like you’re being greedy AF when you’re only a back-up dancer, because you know you’ll never make it to debut yourself with what you got.”

This back-up dancer, by the name of Park Chae Wan, then responded to the hate targeted toward her and the other dancers by publicly sharing the comment on her Instagram story and openly attacking the alleged “fan”.

Why don’t you turn your account public, then come say it to my face?

— Park Chae Wan

Now, with that in the open, both Somi fans and netizens are claiming that this issue has gone far too extreme. Most of Somi’s fans agree that such unreasonable hate and criticism are only detrimental to Somi’s success. They have also pointed out that the dancers should not be personally attacked and that such hate commenting can easily result in legal action.

Somi or her agency haven’t responded to the growing controversy. However, Somi’s fans are now coming together to show love and support for Somi and her back-up dancers for undergoing such a stressful time. In fact, more fans are praising Somi for giving the back-up dancers good “recognition” and for maintaining such a strong relationship with her team.

  • I really love how the backup dancers get a chance to shine. ❤❤
  • Backup Dancers getting the recognition and love they deserve!! ❤️😍