Somi And Her Sister Evelyn Support BLACKPINK And Lady Gaga’s “Sour Candy” With Fun And Sassy TikTok

They showed their support with a fun, sassy, and hilarious TikTok:

Lady Gaga and BLACKPINK‘s epic “Sour Candy” collaboration has set countless records since the song dropped on May 29. In addition to setting record after record, however, their collab has also sparked plenty of fun over on TikTok.

Image: @ladygaga/Instagram

Although an official #SourCandyChallenge has not been issued yet, fans and non-fans alike have been having plenty of fun fulfilling their sweet tooth by dancing along to the moves choreographer Kiel Tutin created to satisfy his own candy craving, making their own moves, and more!

Joining in all the TikTok fun, Somi and her younger sister Evelyn recently surprised everyone with their own creative take on the unofficial challenge while showing lots of love and support for their BLACKPINK unnies!

@evelyn10179Sour Candy In your AREA πŸ–€πŸ’— Evelyn&Ennik

♬ Sour Candy – Lady Gaga & BLACKPINK

In the video, Somi and Evelyn sang, danced, and even juggled to the beat.

And more than that, they also added plenty of creative (and hilarious) effects.

Seeing Evelyn and Somi bust out their moves and create such a fun, sassy, hilarious, and just plain amazing TikTok all while showing their support and love for BLACKPINK has been warming the hearts of fans everywhere.

Got to love queens supporting queens!

Image: @somsomi0309/Instagram

You can check out the full audio of BLACKPINK and Lady Gaga’s collab below: