Somi Reveals Why She Wanted To Take The CSAT Exam Despite Having No Plans To Go To College

She had her reasons.

Back in 2019, Somi took her CSAT (South Korea’s equivalent to the SAT or ACT assessments) despite not having any plans of going to college. While many would have avoided taking the exam, Somi explained why she decided to take it in a new “IDDP” episode for 1theK Originals.

During the episode, Somi searched her own name online and confirmed various aspects of herself. One piece of information Somi verified as true was the fact that she took the CSAT despite planning on not going to college.

Although she doesn’t have plans for attending college, she said she thought she would need to take it to feel that she’s really done with school. That’s right

— Somi

Somi explained that while she may not plan on going to college, she merely felt taking the CSAT would be a good end to years in school.

I have no intention of going to college. I don’t think you have to go to college. I wasn’t going to college, but I thought I need to take the SAT to have a good ending to my school days. So that’s why I wanted to try it.

— Somi

Check out the video below:



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