Song Hye Kyo Looks Just like a Barbie Doll Now That Her Hair Is Fully Grown Out

Song Hye Kyo’s looking fierce!

Song Hye Kyo‘s stylist shared multiple photos of the star looking extra radiant during what appears to be an advertisement shoot.

In contrast to the bob that she recently flaunted, making everyone want to go to the salon to cut their hair short, Song Hye Kyo decided to go for a longer hairstyle this time that made her look like a total Barbie doll.

In the photos, Song Hye Kyo can be seen with her hair tied to the side with vibrant makeup that made her look absolutely lovable.

On top of that, she wore a bright yellow dress which made her look even younger than she already does.

As the professional that she is, she didn’t have to show off any dramatic poses to give off the kind of charm and charisma that only Song Hye Kyo has.

Her new look is certainly more impactful than her last one, but there’s no doubt that she looks just as stunning and elegant as always.

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