Song Seung Heon Just Posted On Instagram To Thank Krystal Jung For Her Wonderful Surprise Gift

It turns out Krystal isn’t really an “Ice Princess”, after all.

Krystal Jung is infamous for her “cold looks”, so she has been called as an “Ice Princess” in the past.

This is because her neutral face looks a bit intimidating.

But did you know that Krystal is actually such a soft cutie?

Her tears actually fall easily, especially when he’s touched or overly joyful about something:

And aside from her cute fascination with bread, her favorite snack…

…Krystal also reveals her soft side whenever she does wonderful things for her friends.

Remember when her friend Luna mentioned that Krystal got her a gift when they last met?

Or when Krystal sent a coffee truck on the set of Park Shin Ye‘s past K-Drama Memories of the Alhambra?

Krystal showed everyone her hidden charms by sending another gift to her former co-star — this time, it was actor Song Seung Heon who received a surprise gift from her.

On April 17, Song Seung Heon posted on Instagram and showed to everyone that his friend and former co-star Krystal had sent a coffee-and-churros truck to the set of his upcoming drama, Shall We Eat Dinner Together?

Both of them starred in the hit K-drama The Player back in 2018.

And when asked about Krystal, this is what Song Seung Heon had to say: