This soothing video proves why Taeyeon is named the queen of OSTs

Taeyeon has won the Outstanding Korean Drama OST Award at the 10th Seoul Drama Awards. Every OST of Taeyeon’s has either won an award or been nominated for an award. She has achieved an extraordinary feat in the Korean Drama OST world.

Every song she sings includes her powerful emotions in it. She has the ability to move people with her voice. Anyone who listens to her songs can’t help but feel captivated. And her OSTs are a great example of it. The emotions in each OST can truly be felt and it amazes those that listen to it.

Below are all of Taeyeon’s OSTs so far, each song featured shows off her wonderful talent for singing. But feelings embedded in these songs might leave the listeners feeling very emotional.


1. “If” from Hong Gil Dong

Hong Gil Dong is a 2008 Drama starring Kang Ji Hwan and Sung Yu Ri. If won the 2008 Cyworld Digital Music Awards for Song of the Month (February). It was also nominated for Best OST in the 2008 Mnet Asian Music Awards.


2. “Can you hear me…” from Beethoven Virus

Beethoven Virus is a 2008 Drama starring Kim Kyung Min and Lee Ji A. Can you hear me won the Yepp Popularity Award in the 2008 Golden Disc Awards.


3. “I Love You from” Athena: Goddess of War

Athena: Goddess of War is a 2010 Drama starring Jung Woo Sung and Cha Seung Won. I Love You was nominated Best OST for the 2011 MelOn Music Awards and it was also nominated Best OST and Song of the Year for the 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards.


4. “Missing you like Crazy” from The King 2 Hearts

The King 2 Hearts is a 2012 Drama starring Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi. Missing you like Crazy won the Best OST award for the 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards and it also won the Best Song From a Drama award for the 2012 Seoul International Awards.


5. “Closer” from To the Beautiful You

To the Beautiful You is a 2012 Drama starring Sulli and Minho. Closer was nominated Best Song from a Drama in the 2013 Seoul International Awards.


6. “And One” from That Winter, The Wind Blows

That Winter, The Wind Blows is a 2013 Drama starring Zo In Sung and Song Hye Kyo. And One was nominated Best Song from a Drama for the 2013 Seoul International Awards.


7. “Love, That One Word” from You’re All Surrounded

You’re All Surrounded is a 2014 Drama starring Lee Seung Gi, Cha Seung Won and Go Ara. Love, That One Word won the Best OST by a Female Artist Award in the 2014 Seoul International Youth Film Festival.


8. “All With You” from Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

All With you is Taeyeon’s most recent OST from the 2016 drama, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo starring Lee Joon Gi and IU.


BONUS: “Lost In Love” by Taeyeon & Tiffany

In 2013, Taeyeon & Tiffany performed live in the show, Yoo Hee-Yeol’s Sketchbook. Their performance perfectly captured Taeyeon’s emotional singing. It truly proves how powerful her voice is.

Which one of Taeyeon’s OSTs is your favourite?