“Squid Game” Actress Jung Ho Yeon Reveals Her Biggest Charming Point

She’s effortlessly charming.

Squid Game is a huge hit and the world can’t get over the K-Drama’s intensity! One thing that made the drama do so well is its charming cast and actress Jung Ho Yeon has her own charming points outside the drama as well!

| Netflix 

In her interview with Netflix Korea, Jung Ho Yeon answered a series of fun and intriguing questions and one question asked what her biggest charming point is.

It’s evident that Jung Ho Yeon has endless charm and while that’s true, she revealed the moles on her face are actually what she considers her biggest charming points.

| @hoooooyeony/Instagram

Jung Ho Yeon explained that she really likes the two moles she has on her face because they are right next to each other.

On my face, I have two moles in a row. It’s what I like about my face.

— Jung Ho Yeon

Although she already answered the question, Jung Ho Yeon effortlessly proved how much charm. Jung Ho Yeon adorably admitted she was unsure of which side of her face had the moles.

Check out the video below:

Squid Game